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Armegeddon and Bible Prophecy
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"The Little Book"


And A Comparison of End Time Prophecy
With Current World Events

Apocalypse in Prophecy About "The Little Book"

Bible Prophecy

John was shown a vision of an Angel holding a little book in his hand. In that little book is collected all of the Prophecies given by God to inform His People of His plan for the Consummation of His Purpose. He gave us these visions and prophecies so we would understand. Rev 1:1, 10:2, 8.

Daniel and John saw visions of the nations and world events at The Second Coming. Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel described the battle of Armageddon. Matthew, Luke and Paul also recorded prophecy of the Apocalypse and tribulation. In this study you will compare descriptions of events given in prophecy, and search for all other scripture which describe the same events.


This is a study and comparison of all scripture describing the second coming of Christ, the battle of Armageddon and Apocalypse, Eschatology. This literature discuss the coming of the Messiah; Advent, the coming tribulation and murder of Christians. This study will give insight into the Rapture and the thousand year reign, or millennium, pre-millennium, a-millennium and post-millennium doctrines. You will locate and compare scripture describing the Anti-Christ, Satan, who is the Abomination of desolation; and the mark of the beast; plague and famine, the atomic bomb and nuclear war.

Keyword Matching

This study uses the keyword method of matching Bible Prophecy; both one to another, and with human events which fulfill it. For example: consider the "Last Trumpet," "Seventh Trumpet" and "Great Trumpet." Are these three separate events, or three different descriptions of one, and the same, event? Use your concordance to find all occurrences of these scriptures, then compare the events described in each. Do they describe one event, or several?

Daniel & Revelation

You will search for all scripture describing the events named in Daniel and Revelation, and compare these descriptitions with the human events which fulfill them. Using these comparisons, you will arrange these Prophetic events into a sequence of events.

World Events

This study will increase your knowledge of scripture, open your eyes to visions, reveal Satan's hidden war against Christ, Christianity and the descendants of Judah; and warn you of impending world events. Fore knowledge is power.

Study of Bible Propecy  What's new?

Seeing is Comprehending

What is new and different about this Study Guide is; it will prove that YOU can understand the prophecy of the Lord's coming.

"Visions" are a method God used to communicate with His People. This study helps you convert the verbal descriptions of Prophetic events into visual communications. You will see how the prophecies fit together in an understandable sequence. You will see our present position in the sequence of prophetic events which will climax in the return of the Messiah. You will see the visions, and seeing is comprehending.

Consider the signs for yourslef!

Prophetic Events

Who controls the destiny of man? Can mankind determine his own fate? Do not be surprised by the coming world events! Get your study of End Time Prophecy FREE!

Bible Prophecy

God did not give these prophecies to confuse us. He wants you to understand. You can solve the End Time puzzle. Try this STUDY GUIDE to see how!


This is a work book
You will need your Bible and Concordance
A Bible program with a good search tool will be an important aid.

If you prefer, you can read the text here, while online. Or you can download the text and do your reading and study anytime.

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The Aramageddon Countdown is at 23:52.
The Nuclear Pointer is at 23:59.

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