Illustration of layers of control

The X denotes an encounter of two equal beings in a neutral situation.


A: No Human Control

  • Galactic Events; sun's life cycle, asteroid impact, extinction of species
  • Long Term Course of Human Events; fate of nations, war, destiny of mankind
  • Natural Events, Large Scale; locust, flood or drought, earthquake, plague

B: Limited Human Control

  • Short Term, Local, Course of Human Events; depending on personal authority, power
  • Natural Events, Local, Small Scale; accident, runaway horse, bugs in your garden
  • Choices, conduct of others; depending on personal relationship, balance of power
  • Personal Life Choices, external; state & city of residence, career, life style

C: Full Control, or the illusion thereof

  • Daily Course of Local Human Events; when personally involved and responsible
  • Daily Conduct of personal life; except for status, accident, forces of nature
  • Personal Life Choices, internal; attitudes, emotions and beliefs

Select any two beings (God & man, man & bear or cat & mouse), then identify a situation in which these two beings may wrestle for control, such as a flood, avalanche or famine. Place the X to indicate the balance of power and control.

This discussion is intended to illustrate the multi-level nature of Authority, Power and Control in various situations--whether they be natural or man made. In A, B and C above, each level exerts force over the levels below. That is, the catastrophic impact of a large meteorite on earth would render absurd any effort at control by mice and men. Even if a person can control a runaway horse or command an army, he or she may be rendered powerless before those forces having control in the layers above. And, having the ability to choose ones beliefs does not abate the flood nor lift one above the raging waters.

Granted that man cannot control storms or earthquakes, that is not offered here as proof of God's existence, or that He does have the authority & power to control natural events. Man has the freedom of choice, the freedom to believe what he wishes, the freedom to act as an independent agent with authority and power in certain limited & local events.

A person may not wish to acknowledge the existence of God or His authority: Yet he or she cannot deny that the forces of nature are beyond his or her own control, and the only choice remaining seems to be that no Being has control over the forces of nature: Which is an obvious wrong conclusion, except that men choose to believe what they wish. Those who choose to believe no Being has control of the forces of nature, and that large scale long term events proceed without cause or direction, make this choice in the belief that they can determine their own destiny. Having decided to believe that, some then proceed to the belief that they can determine the fate of mankind regardless of the course of galactic events or the forces of nature.

According to the definition of the terms "individual" and "equal," no two individuals are equal except by consent. Since by definition no two individuals are equal, then man is not equal to God in any situation, except when God grants man authority in that situation. A man and a bear are not equal unless the man carries a weapon. Even then, if he is a poor shot in a panic, the bear is the superior being. A cat and a mouse are not equal, and except by stealth or agility and the nearness of the rat hole, the cat controls the conclusion of the encounter. No two men are equal in any situation due to education, class distinction, position of authority, age or physical ability, size and weight or possession of a weapon; and an illusion of equality depends on an understanding, or assumption, of consent.

A man or woman has the God given right to control his or her own life, unless intruded upon by forces acting from a level above. If you start on time, you will arrive on time, if the wind does not blow a tree across your way. If you graduate with a degree in animal husbandry you may have a career in farming, if there is not a drought.

A King commands an army, and may initiate a war. Yet, having the power to begin a war does not ensure control of its outcome. While a King or his General may believe they are in control of a war, surely none of the individuals under them believe themselves in control. And, the course of more than one war has been turned by the forces of nature--when winter intervened, thus demonstrating the layered structure of force and control.

Indeed, the history of nations, ships at sea and the whole range of human endeavor chronicles unexpected or tragic conclusions wrought by forces beyond man's control. We witness this in our daily lives when an unexpected storm dumps snow into a city and closes its airports, business and schools. We witness this in the lives of others when a random act of violence, or an accident, irrevocably and forever alters the course of their lives.

How, then, can humankind entertain the delusion that they can determine their own destiny?


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