Perhaps the Grandest Lie ever presented to God's People -- and mankind -- is that God is the cause, and is to be blamed for, the Great Tribulation which the false "God" of Modern Rome will cause.

For the entire past generation, perhaps the last 80 years, the writers, teachers and preachers of "the rapture" have been selling this Doctrine of Devils to mankind. Embedded in the false hope of their escape from Tribulation is concealed the cause and source of the suffering the Church is to escape.

The entire world has become aware of the false hope of the Church's escape, and they laugh at the ridiculous visions of cars running empty on streets while Christians are whisked into the sky. The world laughs; but they are not so blind or ignorant that they miss the not so subtle statement that it is God who brings this Tribulation on the world.

So the World knows Christians believe that God is the source and causes of the Tribulation coming on the world. And who taught the world this lie? Was it Satan? No, not as far as the world knows: it was Christianity.

So Satan has used God's People to tell The Biggest Lie to the entire World!

Now, while Satan laughs, and the Great Tribulation becomes impossible to ignore or deny, the people of the world will blame Christians -- because, after all, the Church taught them that it is the God of Abraham who is the cause of this Tribulation.


During the last generation the Church has lost the opportunity to teach her people the Truth: That Modern Rome will soon rise to rule the World; that Satan will occupy the body prepared for him and then proclaim himself to be "God."

During this generation the Church has lost the opportunity to teach the World the Truth: that Satan's conquest of the world and claiming to be "God" is the cause of Tribulation.

Because The Church has failed to recognize this Doctrine of Devils, and has failed to teach both God's People and the people of the world the truth, the Church will endure the Tribulation of these Last Days.

Because these false teachers and false prophets have lied and added words to the visions of John, they have added the wrath of the seven vials of God's Wrath to their own lives.

If you are one who has believed the lies of the 'rapture' and the 'millennial reign of Christ on this earth,' and you will not abandon these lies, you too will receive your portion of the vials of God's Wrath.

If you are one who has refused to abandon these lies, you will also endure the laughter and ridicule of those who hate you -- when they discover you can not escape.

Abandon the lies of 'rapture' and 'millennial reign' before your soul becomes so seared by the rejection of Truth that you curse God, and participate in the murder of His Witnesses.

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