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Is one of a set of six articles which relate to the subject of "knowing when."

1. Can You Know "When" without knowing the day and hour? Did other generations know "when"?

2. A brief look at some history of Prophetic Times and the people who understood them.

3. How Old Is God's Plan for Mankind? Or, how old is earth and the recorded history of God's actions?

4. Can we determine How Long a generation is? Does this relate to the fulfillment of prophecy?

5. This Generation: What did Jesus mean when He said, "This generation..."?

6. Now consider this question of "knowing when" from a different Perspective

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You asked, "Do I know when The Second coming of the Lord will be?"

I will not give you a one-word answer, because one word would not be fair to either you or me. I will be pleased to explain what I believe and give you the Bible evidence on which I base my belief.

Jesus said, "No man knows the day or hour..."
The Truth is in Matthew 24:32-36. The lie is based on the Truth in verse 36. The Truth which Satan wants to hide from God's People is in verse 34. Study verses 32-36 carefully. When you use your concordance to look up these terms, (day and hour) you will find that Jesus used them, or they were used 'about' the miracles He did, to mean, "Exact time."

You can prove that to your own satisfaction: would you be changing His meaning to say, "No man knows the exact time"? No, we are Not going to change a word of what He has said, we are going to keep what He said. He said, "Day or Hour." Saying that we cannot know "When" IS changing what He said.

The terms "Day and Hour" indicate exact time -- not general time. Matthew used these terms in the same sense (exact time) in 8:13, 9:22 and 15:28. The lie is, "No one can know 'When' the Lord will come." The truth is, "No man can know the day or hour (exact time) of the Lord's coming."

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Paul wrote, "As ye see the day approaching..." Hebrews 10:25. He is speaking of "That Day," the day of the Lord, and acknowledges we will recognize that That Day is near.

"But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that That Day should overtake you as a thief." Paul is writing to the Saints; the Elect, the Church who would be here on That Day. Paul's statement is not a question, nor is its meaning questionable. It is a statement of fact. In contradiction to Satan's lie, Paul tells us The Faithful will not be surprised by the Lord's coming. 1 Thes. 5:4. Mat. 25:2.

Do these Scriptures (Mat. 24:36 and Heb. 10:25) contradict each other? No. There are many Prophecies which describe events that will occur just prior to That Day. Will the Saints see the troops gathering in the valley of Megiddo? When the armies of the world gather in that valley, those of understanding will know That Day is near. "...at the very door." Mat. 24:33, Luke 21:25-26. Isa. 34:1-4 and Rev. 16:16.

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Because the Truth is, "No man can know the (exact time) Day or Hour..." Then the lie is, "No man can know when (the generation, or, the time in general) the Lord will come."

This lie, "All mankind, even the Elect, will be completely and utterly taken by surprise by the Lord's coming," is the lie. "Since you cannot know 'when' the Lord is coming, there is no reason for you to study the prophecies of his coming or pay attention to the human events which fulfill prophecy.

Do you see? Satan has taken the words "Day or hour" out of Gods Word and inserted "When"!


Noah and his sons knew what would happen in their lifetime, even though they never knew the "day or hour." Gen 6:13-22.

Moses' generation knew they would see God's Promise fulfilled in their lifetime, because they counted the years, even though they did not know the "day or hour." Gen 15:13.

John the Baptist's generation knew the Messiah would come in their generation (they also knew which town He would come from!) because they had been given the numbers of the years by Daniel, though they could not have known the "day or hour." Dan 9:24-26.

Prophecy is fulfilled by human events. In fact, the whole course of human history is nothing more than a chain of lesser human events occurring between the major human events which lead to the accomplished purpose of God's Creation. For example, the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 was a human event that was the fulfillment of the prophecy in Daniel 9:26.

Since lesser human events precede greater human events, it should be possible to detect a coming major event. For example, before the "prince to come" could destroy Jerusalem he had to gather his army and surround the city. He needed a cause to do this. The rebellion of the Jews against Roman rule gave the needed cause.

The Early Saints knew that knowing "when" does not mean knowing the date and time, but means knowing lesser events precede greater events in a sequence of human events which fulfill prophecy. They are our example.

Jerusalem skyline
You asked me a question, now let me ask you ...

Will you know when the Roman Empire is born again, and conquers the World?

Will you know when the entire world is taxed?

Will you know when you can't buy or sell without the "mark of the beast"?

Will you know when the false prophets proclaim that the Emperor of Rome is God, and that the entire world must worship him?

Will you know when all the armies of the world gather in Megiddo?


Satan lies when he tells us that God's Children will not know "when" He is coming.

We cannot know the "Day or the Hour," but we can know that He will come in our generation, we can know the "season."

No, I do not know the "Day or Hour," though I do know it will our generation.

And now you know.

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