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My Statement of Faith

What I believe

I like the principle, "No book but the Bible, no doctrine but His Word." However, many ask for a more definitive statement. The following statements say something about my belief and position on several subjects. I attempted to keep it brief, but at 1250 words and three pages, I must admit my effort failed. Feel free to e-mail me with comments or questions. If any of these items represent something other than what the Bible says, please do not allow me to remain ignorant of the Truth.


"I believe there is one God, A living, Omnipotent Being Who is infinite and exists eternally. He is the Creator and Ruler of the universe. Gen. 1:1. Deu 6:4, Ps. 90:2; Mal 2:10, Mark 12:29-32, John 1:1; Rom. 11:33; and Rev. 1:1-2. "God is Spirit." John 4:24.

Son of God

"I believe God is the Father of One Son. J'Shua (Jesus) is that Son of God, The Christ and The Messiah. He existed prior to, and was instrumental in, the Creation of the Universe. He was born a man as the Son of the virgin Mary. He lived His life as a man and without sin, and died as a man. His death at the hand of His own was required of God as payment of ransom for all. He was resurrected on the third day and ascended to the right hand of God. He rules His Kingdom from the Throne of God. Gen. 1:26, John 1:1, 14. Mat. 1:21-23, 16:16-17 and 25:31; Luke 1:34-35 and 2:7. Mark 14:61-62; John 3:16-17, 5:19-30, 10:30 and 14:6. 1 Cor. 15:3-8; Heb. 1:8, 4:14-16; Rev. 12:5.

The Holy Spirit

"I believe The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God, Who is ever present in the world. He lives in every Christian from the moment of salvation. He provides us with the understanding of His Word, and the guidance and strength for living and doing His will. The Christian seeks to live under His guidance daily. Gen. 1:1-2, 26, 27; 3:22. Mat. 28:19; John 14:16-17, 16:7-13; Acts 1:8; 2:38-39; Rom. 8:9; 1 Cor. 3:16; 2 Cor. 3:17, 13:14; Eph. 1:13, 5:18; Gal. 5:16-26; 1 Peter 1:2; 1 John 3:24.

The Bible

"I believe the Bible contains the Words God-breathed to reveaal Himself, His Holy Spirit, His Son and His will for His Creation. It was composed and authored by Him and delivered to us through men by, and under the guidance of, the Holy Spirit. His Word is the supreme source of Truth for Christian beliefs and living. Because His Word is God-breathed, it is Truth, without error in its original form, infallible, and, by His Holy Spirit, fully able to reveal His Living Word to those who seek it. 2 Tim. 1:13, 3:16; 2 Peter 1:20-21; Ps. 12:6, 119:105, 160. Pro. 30:5; 1 Thes. 2:13.


"I believe we are both the supreme object and purpose of God's creation, that we are created beings, created to be free, that we are equal before Him, that He granted all men and women the right of self-determination and the freedom of choice. Made in the image of God, we are like Him, with body, mind and spirit (soul). Exo. 33:21-34:8. Although we were created with the potential for good, we are imperfect. Our imperfection, coupled with pride and our God given freedom of choice and right of self-determination, result in disobedience or rebellion, which separates us from God. I believe no person has the right or authority to impose his or her interpretation of Truth, Faith or Religion upon another. We should be ready to give an accounting of our belief, or the hope that is within us, to any who asks. 1 Peter 3:15. Gen. 1:26-27, 3:22. Ps. 8:3-6; Isa. 53:6; Rom. 3:23 and 6:23; 2 Thes. 1:5-10. Rev. 20:11-15 and 22:3-5.


"I believe salvation and eternal life are offered to all. However, God does not take away or override the freedom with which He has endowed us. I believe we can never make up for our rebellion or disobedience by self-improvement or good work. Salvation is a gift from God. Only by accepting Jeshua (Jesus) as God's offer of forgiveness can we be saved from sin's penalty. Those who refuse His mercy and continue in rebellion shut themselves out from the light and joy of salvation, and fall under the righteous judgment of God. Isa. 34:5; Jer. 23:15. Dan. 7:10; Mal. 3:5; Mat. 11:24. Acts 4:12; Rom. 2:5, 5:1, 6:23. Eph. 1:13, 2:8-9. John 1:12, 14:6; Titus 3:5; Gal. 3:26; John 10:29; 2 Timothy 1:12; Heb. 7:25, 10:10, 14; 1 Peter 1:3-5, 3:21-22. Acts 2:38-39 and 8:26-40 and 16:25-34; Rev. 20:4.

Christian Life

"I believe the Christian life must begin with a comprehension of ones self as imperfect. Rom. 3:23. In repentance, we turn from self-determination and surrender our freedom to serve God with glad obedience. In faith we entrust ourselves to Christ and rest upon Him alone for salvation. Acts 4:12. Christian life, then, is the life lived in fellowship with Christ and His Church. Mat. 4:17; Luke 13:5; Acts 17:30. Deu. 32:20; Rom 1:17; 3:28; Eph. 2:8.

The Church

"I believe there is one Body, Ecclesia, His Kingdom, the Church, which is the body of which Christ is the head and all Christians are members. I believe in the local autonomous Church, consisting of a body of baptized believers called to be His People, and assembled in His presence. Exodus 12:6, Joshua 18:1. Matthew 1:21, 18:20; Acts 2:38-47, 15:22-23; Rom. 9:25-26; 1 Cor. 1:2. Heb. 10:25. 1 Tim 5:17; 1 Titus 1:5-7.


"I believe the Lord has committed two ordinances to the Church: Baptism (by immersion) upon confession of His Name and acceptance of the New Covenant, and the Lord's Supper (instituted by Christ for commemoration of His death). These two ordinances should be observed until the return of the Lord. Matthew 26:26-27. 1 Corinthians 10:14, 11:25. Matthew 3:16; 28:19-20; Acts 2:38-41; 8:12-13, 38-39; Romans 6:4; Col. 2:12.


"I believe Angels were created by God to serve Him and to minister to His People. Satan, an angel, exalted himself and rebelled against God. He (Lucifer) led a rebellion by a some of the angels. Led by Satan, these fallen angels, demons, now provoke rebellion among humans against God. Demons may control (i.e. possess) an unregenerate human. Demons cannot control or possess a Christian, unless allowed. Demons may tempt or attack a child of God, but only as allowed by God. A demon cannot force a Christian to sin. A person sins when led astray by the lusts of his or her own flesh or mind. Isa. 14:12, Rev. 12:3-4, 20:1-3, 7; Job 1:6-12, 2:1-6.

The Consummation

"I believe the enemy of God will continue to wage war upon our God, our Savior and His Chosen People until that time appointed by God for the consummation of His Plan and purpose. Dan. 9:27. I believe that, in accordance with His plan, God will allow Satan to conquer humanity, and Satan will then destroy his own kingdom. When the destruction of this world is complete, so that the continued survival of humanity is no longer possible, and just prior to Satan's murder of the Remnant of His People, The Messiah will intervene. This intervention will result in the defeat of Satan and his co-conspirators, and includes the destruction of this universe. Then, at the instant of His coming, the dead will be resurrected, the living will be transformed. The saved of earth will inherit Heaven and Eternal life. Mat. 24:29-31; 1 Cor. 15:51-53; 1 Thes. 1:1-5, 4:17. 2 Thes. 3:3-12. Rev: 20:9-10.

Heaven and Hell

"I believe Heaven is the eternal abode of God, and our future home with Him. Hell is the eternal consequence of continued rebellion and disobedience toward God and the rejection of His Messiah. John 3:16. Romans 6:23. Revelation 20:14-15. Matthew 25:41 and Revelation 21:1-27.

If you have a question about this statement, please Contact me.

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