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You may want to send me a message, share your thoughts on my site, its content, world events or what interests you...

Please note: Because there is so much junk and virus mail, the first four(4) characters in the subject field must be "TLB:" else I will not see your mail. You should add the subject of your mail after the colon.

My e-mail address is: gamcclary@yahoo.com

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If you prefer, you can send paper mail to:

Glenn McClary TLB
623 SW Park Ave. Suite 708
Portland, Oregon USA 97205-3129

Please note: This is a rented box, so if you do not include the "TLB" your letter may be miss-sorted as junk. And without the "Suite 708" the USPS may send it to the airport luggage black hole.

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"Today Is A Good Day To Die"