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"THE LITTLE BOOK" is a study of Daniel and Revelation, and comparison of all Bible prophecy concerning the coming of the lord, the battle of Armageddon and end of this world.


This site contains Christian material intended for mature Christians who are secure in mind, confident in faith, and able to consider--without fear--new ideas and information about the world we live in.

If you are not willing to meditate on the Truth about our world, if you are not able to compare facts and reach your own decision without panic, you should exit now.


By acquiring the literature from this site you agree to the following: The author of "THE LITTLE BOOK" and the owner/operator of this site and/or their employees or assigns, shall not be responsible for mental or emotional distress, depression, or other consequences of your reading this literature.


You accept sole responsibility for your conduct. If you are unwilling, or unable due to legal status as a minor or emotional/mental instability, to accept responsibility for acquiring literature from this site, you should exit Exit Here here.


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