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A Word About "Download"

Actually, anytime you click on a link, your browser 'downloads' it to a 'cache' on your HD. How long it stays in your cache depends on your settings, but it will 'evaporate' in time. The browser placing a page and its necessary styles and icons in the cache folder is not the same thing as "Saving" it to your harddrive.

Depending on your browser...

When you want to keep something to read later, it is best to "download" it to a directory or folder other than your browser's cache. Usually, your browser will ask you what to do with a Zip or PDF file -- something like, "save, or open...?" It does not do this with a normal HTML page.

If you want to keep a file, you will need to select the folder or directory you want to save it into before you click "save". Then go to "file > Save as > (save as type, select >) Web Page, complete."

THAT is what the directions say...

It may not be the best way, or it may not work for you on your system. Both MSIE and Firefox do save all the files, but they don't save them into the proper folders! They edit the HTML text and dump the related files into one sub-folder. This may work for one file -- but there are 26 files in TLB. Firefox and MSIE do not save the background images, just the button icons and styles.

On this site, the CSS files and the Images are in directories off of the Root Directory, and the HTML files are in branch directories UNDER the Root Directory. To get all the files together you may need to edit what your browser saves to your harddrive.

To avoid this hassle, I suggest you download and save the zip file with the entire collection into a folder, and when you unzip it the related files will be in the proper location.


Please don’t link. Copy and save what you wish to use to your own site. DO NOT LINK to the individual files. I pay for a limited bandwidth, and may change the names of files to prevent linking --and your links will not work.


Read the readme page. The individual chapters will be the quickest download, and will also be quick and easy to read through. Just save the files into a folder if you want to keep them. I suggest "TLB" but any name will do. When you save as "Web Page - complete" (depending on your browser) that should save the icon files into an 'images' subdirectory, and the style sheet into a 'styles' folder. After you save the TOC, the 23 chapters and the References; you can read, study and multi-task with your Bible program without being connected to the net. The disadvantage is, you have to do this 26 times.

Two HTML Zip Files may be slow to download now on 56k connections, but each contains all the individual chapters, images and style sheet. First is tlb.zip which contains the files with images. Seocnd is Plain.zip -- which have no images. Either one makes it quick and easy to get all the files into the right folder, and you only have to do it one time.


The "The Little Book" is intended to be an aid in the study of Bible prophecy and the human events which fulfill Bible prophecy.

The Little Book is free to any person interested in the study of Bible prophecy. It is offered in the hope that the student will benefit from its use, and grow in faith through the study of God's Word.

You may keep this file(s) on your computer for your own use, or for the use of any member of your family.

You may give a copy of "The Little Book" to others without fee, provided it is not altered. This file(s) may be transferred by BBS or the Internet, providing no fee is charged for the program and it is not altered.

You may download the HTML text version of "The Little Book" from this site free, and keep it on your computer, or do a single printout, for your own use or the use of any member of your family. However, the right to make more than one (1) print of the text is reserved.


Rights granted here do not include the right to make multiple copies of the file(s) for sale, rental or lease, or for distribution by any Government Agency, Business, Institution or Corporation; including any Non-profit Corporation, Religious or otherwise. The grant of one right may not be construed to include other rights. Any right not specifically granted is reserved. The right to print more than one (1) copy per user, or publish, the text of THE LITTLE BOOK is specifically reserved.


"The Little Book" is offered as is and no warranty of functionality or suitability for any purpose is made or implied. The Author will not be responsible for loss or damage to data, hardware or software due to mis-use or inability to use this file(s). The Author is not responsible for mental or emotional upset, depression or discomfort due to ideas, opinions or theories expressed in "The Little Book"


This is the third iteration of "The Little Book" home page.

The text was first written on a vintage manual Royal typewriter, then using Word Perfect over a period of several years, starting with 4.1 and ending with 5.1. I then converted the text files to HTML using a freeware ascii text editor. Most of the web pages were first coded using the same editor, and posted in November of 1995. I redesigned the site and finished the project using the CoffeeCup HTML Editor, CSE HTML Validator and HTML Tidy (see www.w3.org).

Thanks for your visit!