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"The Little Book," a special offer.

This is a special offer for those who may have some difficulty reading, or may be using a text reading program. The following link goes to chapters which are not dependant on images, and which are formatted in plain text. Two links follow: the first is a table of Contents for the 25 individual Chapters. Second is a link to all Chapters in a single file.

First: Table of Contents
Second: All in one file


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If you are interested in End Time Prophecy, and are a serious Bible student, as well as a student of the human and world events which fulfill prophecy, you are at the right place.

Before you start...
You should be aware that "The Little Book" is a study guide, a work book, which attempts to cover ALL END TIME PROPHECY in a way that matches prophetic events with simular events. This is the "Key Word" method of study. You should also know that the study, and comprehension, of end time prophecy may be emotionally disturbing. Dan 8:27, Rev 10:10.

If you decide to save "THE LITTLE BOOK" text files, you will want to decide which drive or directory you want to save into. You can install (save) to any drive and directory. A folder or directory named "tlb" is good, but not necessary.


You may download one file at a time, starting with the Table of Contents and ending with the References. One File

You may download the text in a single HTML file, or you can download all 26 files ziped together. Complete Text

You can also get the files in plain text files: all text in one file, or individual chapters compressed into one zip file. Plain Text

Before you decide which of the several options you'll want to select, you will want to know something about them. Feel free to read this file and scroll the download page. You do not need to immediately save any file you download, but you should know that if you don't save it to its own folder/directory, it may evaporate. You are, of course, welcome to come back.


One at a time...
If you choose to read, or download one chapter at a time, it may be best to begin with the Table of Contents, and save it to to your chosen folder. You now have several choices. You can get Chapter 1 and save it too, or read it and decide if this is what you are interested in, or not.

You can go through the Table of Contents and save each chapter now, or get one chapter each time you visit. By saving each chapter you will soon have the entire text just as if you had downloaded the large HTML file or the zip file. If you decide you don't want the single large file (it is not recommended for older, slower systems or slow connections), and don't want to take the time to download and unzip the html file, this (one chapter at a time) is a good alternative. Single Chapters

There are 26 files, from about 14k to 39k, average 24k or total 623k, not including the images. Last edited, March 2005.

Setup or installation is not needed for the one chapter at a time method, other than saving as "complet html" files to a folder if you decide to keep it. You should have a "tlb" folder, with three sub-folders: "chapters", "images" and "styles".

If you do not "save as complete HTML page" you may need to download the image files too. The GIF link image files should be saved into "images" folder, and the "CSS" into "styles" folder. So then you would have a "tlb" folder with three folders in it: "chapters, styles and images". The name "tlb" is not required, but "chapters, styles and images" are required due to being the link path names.

Get the individual Chapters, with images, or, because the above files all include images, you may prefer the plain text version which does not include images.

O.K., Take me to the Download Page.


The two HTML files
These are about 1,788kb and includes images.

The difference between the two large HTML files is that the first (tlb.html) is the whole text in one file, (not zipped). If you follow this link, the text will appear in your browser. If you decide to keep it you will need to 'save as complete HTML' as described above. Last edit, March 2005.

The second, (tlb.zip) is 26 separate files (with images) zipped together. Your browser should ask you what to do with this fule. Save it to an empty folder, then unzip it later.

The single text file (tlb.html) is not recommended for slower machines, depending on the size-speed of the program you will use to read the text. A large slow browser (like MSIE/Netscape) may result in sheer torture. An older, slower computer will benefit from using a program (other than a web browser) which is designed to read HTML files. Programs of this type may be available from www.tucows.com and others.

The tlb.zip (with images) or plain.zip (no images) files may be the best of all choices. After extraction you will have each chapter in a separate file, which will result in fast access on slower computers. Again, an HTML reading program will help slower machines.

Yes, I'm ready to go to the Download Page.

The Plain Choice

The complete text without images, in a single file. Last edit, March 2005. The plain text, in separate chapters, zipped into one file is here.

Each of these files will have advantages and disadvantages. Try one or the other, and if it doesn't work well for you, come back for the other one.

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Everything is subject to change...

I welcome input from those of you who are students of End Time Prophecy and the human and world events which fulfill prophecy.

Well, now that I think about it, any comments will be welcome.

While I have done my best to avoid typo's and bad grammar in the text, and coding errors on the HTML pages; alas, certainly some have slipped past me. Most regretable would be reference errors in Scripture. I would appreciate you're taking the time to advise me.


Thanks for your visit!